[PD] xorg + gem

martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Wed Jan 5 10:26:42 CET 2005

hi august,

answer this one private: how are you? i hope well.

> it has to do with Nvidia's openGL implimentation.   I forget now 
> exactly
> what I had to copy (can't get to my machine with the Gentoo/Nvidia
> combo until thursday)....but there are two versions of the openGL
> libraries installed, and you need to take one and copy it over the 
> other.
> after that, all is fine.

sounds convincing. what you mean is to issue the "opengl-update nvidia" 
command. i could swear i did so, yet it might still be that i did it 
while in X and then the wrong lib would've been already in use - or 
even the command might have failed silently. i will have a look at the 
libGL myself.

rebooting did not solve anything. i would be glad if you have a look 
(into bash_history :) on thursday.

the strange thing is that e.g. glxgears works - only gem fails. i've 
got no other opengl app installed.

> sorry that that's not too much help.  it should work ok, though.

now that last sentence _is_ much help because it gives confidence.

one more question: did you activate DRI in the kernel (i use 2.6.9)? 
gentoo docs say "no" while nvidia docs (used to) say "yes".


> best -august.
> On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, martin pichlmair wrote:
>> hi,
>> i just reinstalled my system and thus got my first xorg x11 (as 
>> opposed
>> to xfree86 x11) running. everything went quite smooth (for gentoo
>> circumstances) yet when testing my standard pd libs i had a hard crash
>> as soon as i opened a gem window - everything frozen. opengl (nvidia)
>> works and 2d-acceleration is also fine.
>> does anybody else have positive or negative experiences with xorg x11 
>> +
>> gem? especially on gentoo.
>> lg
>> martin
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