[PD] PD WIKKI defaced

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Thu Jan 6 19:40:23 CET 2005

Le 5 Janvier 2005 19:36, Josh Steiner a écrit :
> actually you dont have to login to edit wikipedia pages at all.  they do
> track the ip address of those who make changes and can temporarily block
> that ip from editing, but that is pretty rare.


Wikipedia have a minimal security scheme:

"Wikipedia is a WikiWiki, which means that anyone can easily edit any 
unprotected article and have those changes posted immediately to that 

Even this complex page is left unprotected, and I was able to edit its html 
code. I'll check later if my changes are still there, and if my IP address 
is listed in:

This vandalism page is interesting; the page about Quebec was "updated" with 
some nice thoughts: 
In this case, the defacer is not some random chinese wiki spammer, but a 
fellow gentleman from Quebec. Go figure...

So the only security is post-publishing review.


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