[PD] 3d sound with 2 speaker

shapermechanist at fastmail.fm shapermechanist at fastmail.fm
Fri Jan 7 03:00:15 CET 2005

hmmmmm...well there's also Thomas Grills idelay which does interpolating
delays [i spent one beautiful morning with that external pitchshifting
tedious breakfast radio broadcasts, fun was had by all]. 
i'd imagine really complex and realistic doppler panning is impossible
without lots of work as your man, matthew jones, said but if say, you
only want to do an "oncoming train" [or indeed a departing train] type
effect then perhaps you could put together an abstraction that goes
before a vd~ or file player or synth that uses an expr [or something]
which does a doppler effect equation and outputs the pitch and amplitude
variations needed [you might also need a small amount of reverb or
filtering to make it sound realistic rather than merely academic] but,
well i haven't tried it [i think i shall though] so i don't know how it
would sound...good luck with your continued attempts though...
  shapermechanist at fastmail.fm

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