[PD] pix_video metro

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Tue Jan 11 00:22:25 CET 2005

Hi Iohannes,

> this seems to be complicated...
> [pix_video] captures the input-stream of a capture-device; as 
> capturing is done in real-time you cannot speed [pix_video] up (at 
> least not in our space-time-continuum where we cannot travel into future)

Would be nice sometimes ;)

> however, if you think that the latency is to high (the time between 
> you waving before the lens and the movement appearing on the screen) 
> read on
> connecting [metro 40] to [pix_video] is an interesting idea, but 
> unfortunately this is not the way it works.
> gem builds its own "render-clock", which you cannot speed up (or 
> change at all!) with a [metro].
> if you want higher frame-rates, you can send a "rate" message to the 
> [gemwin], like [rate 60( (the default of 20 is a bit low); you can 
> even set the default frame-rate as an argument to [gemwin] (like 
> [gemwin 60])

I will try this. Indeed I used pdp before and i'm on an osx-platform; 
that's why i was thinking of connecting a metro. So if I understand it 
correctly, you cannot change the speed of the different individual 
video-sources [when using separator 4 example] but only the render-speed 
of Gemwin, which means all the individual sources are affected. Is there 
then a way to 'delay' one source from the other when using separator?

I have to compare some capturing-software to see if it is actually 
faster then pd/Gem. Will tell you the results if they are remarkable enough.


> mfg.asd.r
> IOhannes

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