[PD] 3D Binaural Sound with HRTFs

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Fri Jan 14 02:06:01 CET 2005

Le 13 Janvier 2005 17:42, rensinghoff a écrit :
> Well, what you are looking for is someting like The Spat for Max, right?

"France Telecom" is mentionned on the page about The Spat:
Maybe some patents are involved...

> I havent heard of anything similar for PD, but i would be very
> interested if someone is going to build it, which i think should not be
> a big problem

VBAP seems like a good (and free) alternative:
It has a BSD style license.

Also, there's a couple of (free as in beer) VST plugins for spatialization: 
The web site is down, but descriptions can be found here:
I wonder if those VST plugins would work with "vst~"...

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