[PD] GOP-placement :: bug?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Jan 14 17:26:48 CET 2005

carmen hat gesagt: // carmen wrote:

> while its pretty cool that you can arbitrarily embed subpatches into
> their container to unlimited? 

Are you actually talking about "subpatches" or rather abstractions?

> depth, theres some serious bugs that
> are driving me crazy trying to actually use this feature. the
> tutorial posted to this list pretty recently "GOP done right"
> basically says 'fiddle with things, and if its still messed up,
> fiddle some more'. well ive fiddled and cant get past these 2
> things:
> http://replic.net/~ix/pd/gui/GOP-fuxed.PNG

It's not clear to me how this is supposed to be. Could you maybe post
a patch somewhere? 

With GOP, IMO it's really helpful, if not necessary for the user, to
have a background-cnv to really get the dimensions right. Then you can
read out the x and y width and height specs from the cmv-object and
work around most of the fiddling. It really becomes more a matter of
math then. 

> the problem on the upper left side is cosmetic, so let's ignore it.
> each subpatch is like 8x as tall as it should be, and no amount of
> overriding with pixel specifications change this. but since it has
> no efefct on the functionality of the widgets, lets move to the
> right,
> where the gui objects are like, 150 pixels above where they should
> be, and unless they fit inside the black bounding box, mouse actions
> have no effect. if you right click and open, you can see its
> scrolled down about that far, 150. but scrolling back up and saving
> does nothing, even after saving and/or reloading the container... is
> there a trick here? or is something just fuxed..

I guess, you moved those objects into the area on top of the patch's
top border once in the past, right? (If you right-click a slider, the
menu then is also misplaced, yes?) Then Pd gets the coordinates wrong
and all hell breaks loose, as you saw.

There should be a way to fix this with editing the coordinates in the
patch, but IMO it's easier to just start from scratch, create a [cnv]
first and follow the instructions in my little tutorial. (I don't see
a [cnv] in sp-mini!) Using background cnv'es minimizes the amount of
required fiddling drastically, trust me. ;)

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