[PD] 5.1 surround anyone?

Chris O'Shea chris at pixelsumo.com
Wed Jan 19 10:42:03 CET 2005


has anyone managed to successfully get multi-channel outs using a 5.1 
surround card via 5.1 speaker set?

I am trying to use asio at the moment instead of my Nvidia nForce 
drivers (thanks Malte) and I can get sound out of the rear speakers if i 
set it up to have 0 inputs and 6 outputs.
then i have [dac~ 1 2 3 4 5 6]

channels 5 and 6 are the rear speakers. channels 1-4 come out of every 
front speaker at the same time at the moment.

Does anyone know why the sound output on the rear speakers has a much 
lower volume than the front speakers? I've not been able to get the 
levels to match at the moment.

Also, is it impossible to use audio input with asio? I've got to have 
the same number of inputs as outputs I believe, but was wondering if 
there is a way around it?

Many thanks

Chris O'Shea

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