[PD] [gem] - repeated objects vs. time

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 24 11:23:47 CET 2005

Hi list,

I really learned to love the use of repeat with gem -
there's nothing more tedious than creating 100 or so
geos by hand. In fact, my threshold is closer to 10

I tried to build an oscilloscope that way the other
day - and failed miserably. The idea was simple
enough: repeat 50 spheres or so, distribute them
evenly on the x axis and get values delivered by
snapshot~ as amplitude for each of them. Having only a
vague idea of what fft actually does, snapshot~ seemed
to be the right choice to me: it outputs values on
bangs, and the output is in the -1 to 1 range.
I got only vertically moving straight lines. At first
I thought that snapshot~ was too slow and replaced it
by env~ with various block sizes - same thing. The
surprising thing was that the value delivered by
either snapshot~ or env~ was the same for all of the

So it seems like all repeated geos are created
simultanously - okay. I then tried to introduce some
delay into the render chain, with no success. Could it
be that "the joys of statemachines" are a major
drawback in that respect?

Now, it would be really cool if someone had an answer
to these questions:
- do I have to use uzi & until for creating delayed
render chains created with repeat?
- what about single- vs. doublebuffering? 
- if render chains cannot be delayed at all, what
about this: the audio input would be continously
sampled each x milliseconds, the results are stored in
a table. These values will then be used to determine
the amplitude of so-and-so-many points of a curve that
would be created by repeat. The index to the beginning
of the values to be used will be increased by one with
every frame gem is rendering. Obviously, one would
have to implement some sort of looping
sampling/indexing, otherwise the table would grow
infinitely ... Is there a realistic chance of getting
this to work?

Thank you for your help,

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