[PD] Footcontroller w midi-out

rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Mon Feb 28 17:21:46 CET 2005

Am So, den 02.01.2005 schrieb derek holzer um 16:19:
> Just saw those Behringer ones the other day. It is absolutely gigantic! 
> I mean, if you need a footswitch bigger than your laptop, then it's 
> probably just fine. ;-)
> Has anyone stumbled accross something a bit smaller... not even 
> necessarily a "wah" pedal, just a MIDI switch stompbox with one or two 
> switches?
> I've thought it might be easiest just to hack a game controller with an 
> ordinary sustain pedal, which is just a mechanical on/off switch for 
> current, and then use the USB [hid] object to read it. But if there's a 
> "plug-and-play"(R)(tm) solution out there, it might save me some time 
> and soldering.
> best,
> d.

This yamaha thing looks better that behringer, but 150 euro for a used
pedal ???

I think i will try the racing wheel solution, i have some going on on
e-bay, if i have more than one at the end, i will pass it on to you if
you want ;-)


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