[PD] problem with zexy external: matrix~

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Feb 1 23:26:53 CET 2005

oliver hat gesagt: // oliver wrote:

> hasn't there been a discussion on this list for quite a while, how to 
> avoid those extarnal-name-clashes?
> is there any practicable solution to tell PD, that when i create and 
> [Append] object,
> i want to have the [append] of the (surely loaded!) "cyclone" library 

There is no [append] in Cyclone AFAIK. If there was, this would be a
serious bug, as names of internals should not be used by externals
(for now).

> and not PD's native [append] (for scalar's) ?

This sounds like a MS-Windows issue, because MS-Windows does strange
things with filenames that only differ in Uppercase/lowercase letters.
If I create [Append] I get the cyclone [Append], not the Pd [append].
I find it hard to believe, that Pd will create its internal [append]
when you specify something like [Append] (but I didn't test for lack
of MS-Windows)

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