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matthew jones mj at isvr.soton.ac.uk
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erm, saving that way will create binary MAT files.
so you will need to save it using 'save tester.mtx my_matrix -ascii', then 
open it up in a text editor (eg. notepad) and manually append a line (I mean 
put this following line as the first line in the file):

matrix n m

where n is the number of columns and m is the number of rows (at least, from 
a rudimentary check, Matlab and zexy seem to order the row/column numbers 
the opposite way around, though I may well be wrong).

Something like that, anyway.


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Hi list,
I'd like to import into pd a matrix processed in matlab. Is it easy ?
I've been trying to :
If I type "save mymatrix matrix" within a matlab script, it saves a file : 
If I want to read this file within pd and the zexy external lib, I can send 
a read message

but the file format seems to be different in zexy (the extension is .mtx), 
and pd doesn't accept it.
What is the correct way to import a matrix ?
thanks a lot.

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