[PD] mp3 playing external

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Fri Feb 4 08:09:59 CET 2005

Le 3 Février 2005 22:09, Ian Smith-Heisters a écrit :
> > Try AlsaPlayer with jack; it was discussed earlier on this list. There's
> > an external to control AlsaPlayer, which can be told to play at different
> > speed, even backward. For loop manipulation, sample the AlsaPlayer jack
> > input in PD.
> Given that alsaplayer and jack are linux programs, and readanysf~ runs
> on linux, what's the advantage for one or the other?

If it works as announced, readanyfs~ is an excellent choice, especially for 
loops. Using jack is only to get live input from other software.

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