[PD] C++ for pd

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Fri Feb 4 14:39:52 CET 2005


> However the advantages in using flext for me as developer outweight
> that, IMO. It is really well documented, very clean, has lots of
> useful utility functions and I need to use flext anyways for Thomas'
> cool externals, so flext is already installed. 
An other advantage is of course that you can use these externals also in
MAX. To myself this is not important, because I do not use MAX, but the more
people us a software the more bugs are recognized etc.

So just an other thought:
Would it be possible to rewrite Gem with flext (with not too much effort),
so that Gem would also be useable in MAX (so maybe more people would like to
make developments in Gem) ?

And the next question: What about threads and flext. I know you can make
threaded externals, but do they work relyable?
(e.g. a threaded soundfiler (for non-devel-pd), threaded Gem (okay, would be
easier without flext, but just in case), ...)

> And I like libraries and code reuse in general, so why should there be
> a different C++ interface for externals in Gem, PDcontainers,
> readanysf~, creb, ...?
of course ...


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