[PD] Wave Shaping

Phillip Stearns mindphone_divided at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 20:46:22 CET 2005

Which is a less processor intensive method of wave shaping: using writing an equation once to a table and modulating tabread4~ with an incoming signal or running that signal through the expr~ (the exquation I'm using is [epxr~ $v1-($v1*$v2) + if($v1<=0, -pow(-$v1, 0.15), pow($v1, 0.15))*$v2]  Where $v1 is the incoming audio signal and $v2 is value from 0 to 1.  I have had success using expr~ but have a suspicion that tabread4~ might be a little less processor hungry.  Anyone have any clue?

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