[PD] C++ for pd (was: mp3 playing external)

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sat Feb 5 00:57:18 CET 2005

> actually, the biggest problem for me at the moment is the object wrapping
> that exists in flext.  now, whenever you delete() a C++ object using a
> flext version greater than 4.5, PD will crash hard.

Oh wow, that's news to me, i do that many times in my externals (i try not
to do it too often!). Maybe you could send me a short example?
The only situation where i can imagine that this is happening, is when you
use new() in source code without including flext headers and delete() the
same memory in source code with included flext headers, or vice versa - this
situation should be easily avoidable, though. This is because flext globally
redefines new and delete to use PDs memory allocation functions.

all the best,

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