[PD] tabread4~ vs. vd~ (was: Wave Shaping)

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 6 11:51:14 CET 2005

>related question:  which would be faster:  writing an
>incoming signal 
>to an 
>array in real time (tabwrite~) or using a delay line
>(delwrite~) of the 
>length (ca. 4000 ms)?  

I would be surprised if tabwrite~ + tabread4~ and 
delwrite~ + vd~ don't give the same performance as
they both do roughly the same thing, writing to memory
and reading using the same 4-point interpolation
(AFAIK). So it just depends which is more convenient,
which sounds like delwrite~ + vd~ in this case.

If I can make a (sort of related) suggestion: granular
synths generally either use a delay line (as you
mention here) or a static table (which is also cool).
What I've done is make a 'grains~' patch which
generates pitches, amps, pans etc. for each grain, and
has several instances of $1-grain~. You can then
either create 'grains~ del ...' or 'grains~ tab ...'
to use lots of del-grain~s or tab-grain~s inside
grains~. This handles both cases at once (and if you
want can be extended further), with *-grain~ receiving
the pitches etc. from grains~ and throw~ing the output

Stefan Turner

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