[PD] Video wireless solution ?

MvH cola at looze.net
Sun Feb 6 16:51:31 CET 2005

Hey, my personal solution is this:

I have a cheap wireless videotransmitter from the ALDI markt ( famous in
germany and holland I don't know where else ) for E29. the transmitter
can be modded, the internal electronics fit into a cigarette package,
and it will run on 9V battery provided with enough power ( 200 mA ) wich
I make by putting 2 big duracell batteries of 4.5 v in series.
It gives me even greater feedom then the 2x2 cm 'spy cams', since I can
hook up any camera that has an analogue output.

On linux I use a bttv video grabber, pcwintv or something else, based on
bttv chipsets, I got some from second hand markets for less then 10 eur.
A firewire camera with analogue inputs, or a dazzle dv bridge will work
too, but better on win/macos since the opensource dv codecs are eating
away your cpu ( the video has to be decompressed before you can process
it, takes about 20~30% of my cpu on a fast pc, but the commercial codecs
are *much* faster unfortunately ). I have a external usb chinch video
input lying around somewhere here, but this is not a real option. I have
been looking for a video > usb2 solution that can do decent quality on
linux, but I don't know any. ( anyone seen pcmcia bttv boards? ).

my solution works great, and the batteries go for over 9 hours, and
depending on the building you have a 10 to 50 meter radius. the higher
you put your receiver, the more you get.

wendling wrote:
> Hello,
> I used video camera in GEM and the firewire and USB solution work fine.
> But i often have lenght's cable problem.  So i would like to used an
> wireless video connection.  I have the wireless system and a pinnacle pctv
> de luxe but it's seems only work with pinnacle software !!!
> I would like to know if someone have a solution for an acquisition extern
> card or an other proposition ?
> Thank's again this great soft.
> Wilfried Wendling 
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