[PD] counting elapsed samples

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Mon Feb 7 16:07:31 CET 2005

Yes. Hm. As it turned out my method made Pd segfault. I couldn't isolate 
the problem, but gdb pointed at tabread4~, so it was probably in the 
fact that I was resizing the array and trying to read from it at about 
the same time ;) If anyone's interested in the nitty gritty I'd be glad 
to post it, i just didn't want to waste anyone's time since I couldn't 
isolate it to a simple patch.

The fact that soundfiler does it in a separate thread gives me pause, 
since my alternative still included resizing on the fly, just not doing 
it to the same array I'm reading from. Would it be an easy task for me 
to open the soundfiler code, and take out everything but resize, so I 
could have a "resize array in separate thread" external? I know it 
wouldn't fix the recompilation issues, but it would be better than 
nothing, no? Or I could just have a bunch of enormous arrays sitting 
around in case I want to use them..


Tim Blechmann wrote:
>>I'm trying to resize an array after doing a tabwrite~ to it, like 
>>soundfiler can automatically. This seems to me to be a trivial thing
>>to  do, but I can't figure out how to get the number of elapsed
> i wouldn't recommend resizing tables on the fly, since iirc it will
> require the dsp chain to be recompiled ...
> cheers... tim

Ian Smith-Heisters

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