[PD] Pd & a lighting console

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Mon Feb 7 20:25:17 CET 2005

Just what I was about to say. One other hint: I was looking into this a 
while ago, and there's lots of programs on sourceforge for controlling 
DMX. Since there's no Pd external for DMX (that I'm aware of), and it is 
very likely one of the SF projects includes OSC support, your control 
chain would look like this:

PD -> OSC -> SF DMX Program -> USB to DMX adapter -> Rockstar Lights


Malte Steiner wrote:
> Alexandre Quessy wrote:
>> Hi list !
>> I am looking for a way to control 3 lights (red, green and blue) with 
>> Pd. I first thought of using variable resistances with the spots, but 
>> then I thought a digital lighting console could do the job better and 
>> easier.
>> Did someone have a succesful experience with this ? Is it the best way 
>> to do it ? If not, what else should I use. And if so, do I need an 
>> external or an other software to control the console ?
> just some hint dropping:
> The light protocol is called DMX, its the Midi in the light world. There 
> are USB/DMX adapters out so I guess google is your friend.
> on the otherhand there are also light consoles which also takes Midi/in 
> so you can control lights direct or by program/change settings. That is 
> the easier way I guess because it doesn't include a possible DMX / 
> external of which I dont know if it exists.
> Cheers,
> Malte

Ian Smith-Heisters

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