[PD] PD, macosx

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sun Feb 13 20:26:42 CET 2005


two things to consider:

1) Create a CDR with your patches, the PD/PDP binaries, and also all the 
dependencies. Then pray that they have OSX 10.3 running ;-)

2) Create a bootable Linux-PPC CD with PD+PDP installed. Keywords for 
Google: "Knoppix PPC", "remaster Knoppix".

Good luck!

MvH wrote:

> I want to show a patch I made using pd with pdp tomorrow on a location 
> where it can only be run on a macintosh computer without administrator 
> rights. Is it possible to setup pd and pdp this way easily? and will it 
> be compatible with my linux-built patch or should I give up on this and 
> drag my pc with me?

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