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robertgarvin at bellsouth.net hat gesagt: // robertgarvin at bellsouth.net wrote:

> one of the past messages had a topic that interested me, and it said
> something to the effect of "I've attached a file" and i was
> wondering if there was somewhere I could find that attached file, to
> look at, or if I'd need to ask the person who attached the file.
> also. one of the emails contained code and I was wondering what i
> would do to open the code into pd.

Some people seem to use email software, which is not able to correctly
attach .pd-files. As Pd files technically are just text, those
programs put them into the main mail body instead of properly making
an attachement out of it. This is really annoying. (Btw: I'm rather
sure that this is in fact a user error, as every decent mail program
nowadays - even Outlook - should be able to properly attach textfiles,

To cut out the relevant Pd file from such a malformed mail, you need
to copy the code into a new textfile and rename this textfile to

On Windows, notepad can be used for this, but make sure, you select
the right file ending later, as Windows likes to hide file endings,
unless you forbid that. Linux users fight about Vi or Emacs being the
best editor. I don't know what's good on Mac.

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