[PD] PD Workshop: Santa Fe, New Mexico - Sunday 20 Feb 2005

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Feb 15 19:04:59 CET 2005

For those of you in the US Southwest. There's a couple of slots left for 
this, so RSVP if you are interested!



Pure Data workshop
Santa fe, Sunday 20 Feb 2005
Library of the College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe New Mexico USA
Cost: $50
Max participants: 8
*participants must bring their own laptop/desktop or make prior
arrangements with me!

Pure Data is a visual, object-oriented data-flow programming language
which can be used for a wide variety of multimedia purposes. These include:

live audio performance
live video processing + "VJing"
MIDI and sensor data handling
microphone and video camera input
"plugin" prototyping
audio and video webstreaming
art installations
interfacing with databases
control of STAMP/PIC-style microprocessors for robotics, lighting & etc
intergration with Flash, Reaktor, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Proce55ing and
JavaScript via Open Sound Control
...and much much more

Pure Date is free to download, use, modify and share, is open source and
has a huge international user community who are often quite willing to
give pointers. It is commonly used by sound, video and media artists for
performances, installations, web projects and custom devices. Besides
its modular structure, its main advantage is being able to manipulate
data, sound and image all within the same environment.

PD runs on the Linux, OSX, win32 and Irix platforms, allowing it to be
used on almost any hardware, from dektops to palmtops. No previous
programming experience is necessary to learn PD, although a working
knowledge of digital audio and video is recommended.

This workshop will be an 8 hour crash course in the "vocabulary" and
"grammar" of Pure Data, giving the participants enough background in PD
to continue their own explorations in the program, and hopefully to
create a local users-group to continue to help and support each other.

During the course of the day, we will cover:

1) Installation + configuration for Linux, Mac OSX 10.3, Windows

Please note that not all the features of PD are supported under Windows,
including much of the video processing! If this is a concern, please
contact me ahead of time and we can work something out.

2) Pure Data as a Language

Like learning any new language, PD starts with learning vocabulary and
grammer. In this case, we will learn the names of many common objects
and the syntax of how to use them.

3) Pure Data for Sound

PD has powerful signal-processing abilities, and we will explore these
by building a simple, monophonic synthesizer controllable from either a
MIDI device or from the keyboard of your computer.

4) Pure Data for Video

PDP [Pure Data Packet] is an external library for Pure Data which
processes video packets. We will use randomly-generated video noise and
Quicktime video files to explore PD's use as a VJ performance tool.
Please encode any video you would like to use in Quicktime Photo-JPG
compression. PDP is not available for Windows!

5) Pure Data for 3D

GEM is an external library for PD which uses OpenGL for the creation and
manipulation of 3D graphical objects. Images and videos can then be
applied as textures to these objects, and the objects can also be made
to respond to sound, MIDI or other input.

6) Pure Data Examples

We will look at several projects using PD for live performance,
installations and web-based projects.

7) Pure Data Resources

Finally, we will check out where to find more information about PD,
including it's built-in documentation and tutorials, the various
websites devoted to it, the PD mailing list, and hopefully each other.

8) Participant Info

I'll need to know the following info from you if you would like to attend:

---the OS your laptop will run during the workshop [very important!]
---what experience you have with PD/GEM/PDP, Max/MSP/Jitter, Reaktor,
SuperCollider, Flash/ActionScript or similar applications [not required,
I'm just curious...]
---contact phone numbers for you in case something changes
---confirmation that you will be able to attend on Sunday

More info about Pure Data:

Pure Data program
http://www.puredata.info <http://www.puredata.info/>/

GEM - Graphics Environment for Multimedia

PDP -Pure Data Packet and PiDiP

About the lecturer:
Holzer [USA 1972] is a sound and radio artist based in the Netherlands.
His work focuses on capturing and transforming small, unnoticed sounds
and electromagnetic resonances from various natural and urban locations,
participatory and collaborative media projects, live audiovisual
performance and the use and teaching of free software such as Linux and
Pure-Data. He has been giving workshops on Free + Open Source multimedia
tools for two and a half years in various locations in Europe.


derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl
---Oblique Strategy # 36:
"Consult other sources

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