[PD] .pdrc + digi002

.` °·' ± `.° '·  loadbang at comcast.net
Wed Feb 16 02:44:02 CET 2005

hi again,

i still would like to know from an expert
[or non-expert but "in-the-know"] whether
i could permanently leave out .pdrc.

but, anyone using digi002 + Pd?

i just got one and the Pd-0.38-0test4HCS1 build
is new to me.  i guess i'm trying to go about
establishing my audio device but it seems
i am getting the error :

error number -9997 occured opening portaudio stream
error message : invalid device ID

i was getting this even with the .pdrc in the mix.

admittedly, i feel like a cat chasing his tail because
i took too much for granted my old Pd set-up which
seemed quite problem free from this perspective.

the 0.38 has the audio preference but i don't
see any options.  i feel like i've exhausted this
as well and am equally stumped.  when trying
to determine my audiodevices i get :

using default input device number : -1
using default output device number : -1

error message invalid device ID.

i used os9.22 prior except for Pd, so i may
be missing something very obvious.

i apologize for my less than exciting
contributions to the list, but i promise i
will make up for it . . . . i promise!



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