[PD] wish83.exe won't go away on XP

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Feb 17 00:53:34 CET 2005

hi, list

just encountered a very strange problem with windows XP and PD 0.37 i 
didn't have before:

usually i use the (non-system) D:\ partition of my harddisk to start PD 
from it.
now, for testing reasons, i tried it on the C:\ partition and noticed, 
that after quitting PD, "wish83.exe" remains in the memory with no way 
to kill the process !
this happens anew every time i start PD, so after 5 sessions i ended up 
having 5 "wish83.exe" processes in my memory...

has anybody had a similar problem, or an idea what that could be ?
plus: how come i can't kill a process even from the task-manager ?

thank you all


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