[PD] Gem --- can´t load libary

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Feb 19 17:22:15 CET 2005

oliver wrote:
> don't know if this is still valid, but  if you use an older version of 
> GEM, you'd have to place a file called "glut.dll" in the WINDOWS folder 

this is not true any more (for a long time...)

> (or maybe in "system32" - can't remember exavtly). some mails said it 
> can also be placed in "pd/bin"

>> i have a problem with starting Gem.When i start it from the windows 
>> console appares ...can´t load libary.
>> can anybody tell me whats wrong?

do as the help-file says: run pd with "-verbose" and see why it cannot 
load Gem...

this might help us to help you


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