[PD] Bug in PD 0.38-2 windoze?

martin dupras martin.dupras at uwe.ac.uk
Sat Feb 19 18:07:51 CET 2005


I just downloaded and tried pd 0.38-2 from Miller's site (Win 
executable, both the zip file and the .exe) and there seems to be a bug. 
I tested this on two different laptops both running XP.

If one chooses help->pure documentation and opens a file from one of the 
directories (any file) the canvas that opens has a title bar with 
something like 'x902f50' and none of the patch displays.

Also, I noticed that this new version seems to pick up laucnh 
preferences from somewhere. I normally always launch pd with a .bat 
file, so I was surprised to see that pd was trying to launch with the 
flags from my .bat file. Does it create the equivalent of .pdrc file? Where?

- martin

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