[PD] pd on xp

Andres Cabrera andres at geminiflux.com
Mon Feb 21 02:18:26 CET 2005

Does a DOS window appear momentarily and then close? If so, you may have 
a problem with an installer being designed for english XP operation 
system. You can fix the problem going to the directory where pd is 
intalled and modify the pd.bat file to point to the correct place where 
pd.exe is located.

king s wrote:
> hi!
> i have a problem...i´ve worked with pd and anythhing was ok.then i´ve 
> installed my windows xp for new.then i´ve downloaded and installed the 
> newest version of pd.now i start the pd.exe and nothing happen...i can 
> see the pd.exe and wish84.exe in my taskmanager but only there.the 
> process is runnig but i dont see anything of the program interface or 
> something.
> shit ...i don´t know why or what
> please help me to get my pd to run
> thanks
> manuel knapp

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