[PD] touch pad

Peter Todd peter_todd82 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 21 19:33:50 CET 2005

> so that's the brand of it. is there a way to edit your .dll file to 
> operate for a "Alps Glide Point" touchpad?

Well, it's not my dll and I don't really know, but I do know that there is a 
Synaptics touchpad sdk readily available, as well as some fun little aps 
like a theremin.  I tried the theremin thing on someone's synaptic-less 
laptop, and it was clear that it would not work.  I imagine that, 
unfortunately for you, these devices are not standard enough to have a 
generic kind of interface, and it seems that the manufacturer of yours 
hasn't seen fit to make available tools for developers.

That doesn't mean it's an insurmountable problem, just that I imagine 
patching together an external for synaptics would be relatively easy, while 
for other manufacturers, it would require much more low level hacking. 

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