[PD] gem and pd-0.38-2 (and: netiquette)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Feb 22 09:40:30 CET 2005

Boby Peru Dafoe wrote:
> Hi friends


several things, before answering your question:

a) if you want to post something to the mailing-list, do not (really: 
_do not_ ) randomly chose any mail sent from the list and reply to it.
there are people who use thread-views (which might be not possible with 
some weird email-clients or web-based email fetching), which will get 
broken when you "reply" to a totally unrelated email (this is: both 
mails will be in the same thread, which they shouldn't)

b) always use the subject-header; fill in something you think that makes 
sense and not what your email-client does (some email-clients think, 
that an empty subject is cool; i don't)

c) if you are reading the digested pd-list (this is: you don't get all 
the emails at once but rather in a batch once a day) and you are 
replying to an email, please do change the subject line to something 
meaningful; "Re: PD-list digest, Vol 1 #1759 - 13 msgs" is _not_ 
meaningful; (see b.))

d) if you are reading the digested pd-list and you are replying to an 
email, be sure you _do not_ include the complete batch-email (we already 
have the 13 emails you inlined; i don't think anyone is interested in 
reading them again)

e) please send emails in plain text rather than html; you will get more 

f) that's it. so let's proceed:

> I have a question:
> Gem 0.90.0 runs with PD 0.38.2, in windows XP?

yes, why shouldn't it.

> I want to run the "counter" object, and it is not possible for me in PD 
> 0.38.2.
> The same patch don't have problems in PD. 0.37.0

seems like Gem is not loaded; probably the paths got mixed up when 
migrating from pd-0.37.0 to 0.38.2 ?
there should be a Gem.dll in your "extra" folder of the pd-installation 
(or somewhere else, but you might have to specify the new path with the 
"-path" flag)

i do not know anything about your harddisk-layout, but:
assume you have pd-0.37.0 (and all libs, like Gem) installed in 
the new pd-0.38.2 is installed in C:\Programs\pd-0.38.2; now when 
starting the new version and when you try to load Gem, it will look for 
it in C:\Programs\pd-0.38.2\extra (but it is in C:\Programs\pd-0.37.0\extra)

> can someone help me,

yes; start pd with "-verbose", read what is written on the console 
(especially things regarding the loading of Gem (and failing to do so))
then post what you get, so we know a bit more about what is going on


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