[PD] Re: [PD-announce] Volume Curvature

Andres Cabrera andres at geminiflux.com
Tue Feb 22 22:13:07 CET 2005

Hi Ben,
I just checked it today. It looks very nice! Can you give a brief 
description of the process you use to create those visuals? Do you use 
3d models?


B. Bogart wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm writing to annouce the start of a new performance and installation 
> project
> "Volume Curvature". From the website:
> Volume Curvature is a performance piece settled in the body of work 
> known as
> Self-Similar. During performance, complex organic volumes are created. I 
> think
> of these volumetric forms as virtual kinetic sculpture. The colours, 
> structure
> and style of the piece are inspired by the architectural work of Frank 
> Gehry.
> The piece is a fusion of the structure of music over time and 
> architecture. This
> performance is the first iteration of Volume Curvature. In future 
> development
> the piece will be realized as an interactive installation.
> http://www.ekran.org/ben/volume_curvature/index.html
> B>

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