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Pall Thayer palli at pallit.lhi.is
Tue Feb 22 22:34:26 CET 2005

You can do PHP to PD without using OSC.

$fp = fsockopen("hostname",port);

will open a socket connection to a netreceive in a pd patch. Rather use 
udp? Then:

$fp = fsockopen("udp://hostname", port);


will write "message" to the PD netreceive (note the ";\n" line 
terminator. Actually I think it's enough to have just ";").

But I don't know how you plan to make your pages receive data unless you 
make them update every 1/2 second or so. However that could cause 
problems with slider positions if it updates while a user is moving one. 


lluis wrote:
> hi all ;)
> look at this only if you are looking for an free software solution ...
> http://www.artefacte.org/docs/osc.html
> no flash. just php+javascrit.
> salut.
> On Tuesday 22 February 2005 19:41, MvH wrote:
>>I too sometimes have very detailed descriptions of projects and websites
>>in my dreams. They sometimes inspire me to do something really practical
>>in the real world :)
>>joreg wrote:
>>>still not. but thanks for your interpretation. i have really nothing
>>>more than this view of the site in mind. a large site with much text to
>>>scroll. left side menu in red/orange. and the whole site was dedicated
>>>to experiments about a gui-replacement or not full replacement but just
>>>an alternative view.. for pd-patches realized in flash. and it was not
>>>so long ago...
>>>sorry if you have something better to do than reading about the
>>>fantasies of a growing up.
>>>altern wrote:
>>>>joreg wrote:
>>>>>recently i stumbled over a site that i remember offering something
>>>>>like a flash interface to pd. now that i cannot find this site
>>>>>anymore in my mail-archive of this list nor on google i am no longer
>>>>>sure if i was dreaming this?! the site was mainly text. and a menu on
>>>>>the left side that was red/orange.
>>>>>believing in collective dreams i hope that someone finds the link in
>>>>>his dreamdiary.
>>>>by a remote chance, could it be this?
>>>>I guess it is not what you are looking for, but it is difficult to
>>>>know, the description of your dream is really blurry ;)
>>>>in this one there is mainly text and there is orange on the left menu,
>>>>but nothing to do with flash really, rather some stuff done with
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