[PD] system call timed out/ in channels

pd at plakatif.net pd at plakatif.net
Fri Feb 25 16:14:13 CET 2005

hi IOhannes, thanks for your hints,

> > does pd log errors somewhere, does anybody know what might
> yes to the stderr...
ok. but i don't know how to access stderr (i'm kind of 
linux newbie)

> might be a problem with your soundcard;
> try updating to pd-0.38 (the debian package in both sarge
> and sid is called puredata) ; tell us which soundcard you
> have and which drivers you are using (oss, alsa, jack)

i tried 
pd -noadc -verbose

Pd version 0.37.0
compiled 18:53:38 Sep 17 2003
port 5400
Waiting for connection request...
TK_LIBRARY="/usr/lib/pd/tk/library"  "/usr/lib/pd/bin/pd-
gui" 5400
... connected
device 1: tried /dev/midi READ/WRITE; returned -1
device 0: tried /dev/midi00 READ/WRITE; returned -1
device 0: tried /dev/midi0 READ/WRITE; returned -1
device 0: tried /dev/midi00 READONLY; returned -1
device 0: tried /dev/midi0 READONLY; returned -1
couldn't open MIDI input device 0
device 0: tried /dev/midi00 WRITEONLY; returned -1
device 0: tried /dev/midi0 WRITEONLY; returned -1
couldn't open MIDI output device 0
opened 0 MIDI input device(s) and 0 MIDI output device(s).
input channels = 0, output channels = 2
opened /dev/dsp for writing only

opened audio output on /dev/dsp; got 2 channels
bytes per sample = 2
setting nfrags = 8, fragsize 1024

audiobuffer set to 50 msec
OSS: requested audio buffer size 8820 limited to 8192
and then it worked, so i conclude there's a problem with
the sound card IN channels. but i suffer from unbearable 
crackling and glitching (latency issue due to OSS ?).
i guess i'd rather switch to ALSA. how do i do it ?

sound card is some cheap 'AC97'. (how can i find out more 
about the sound card ?)

i will try the 0.38 packages you mentioned. are they
avail. at sourceforge ?

best, jyrgen

ps.: another problem is that linux boosts up the built-in 
laptop mic while booting. as a consequence one of the 
speakers broke because of a heavy feedback. :-(
how can i avoid this ?

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