[PD] how to prevent midi endless loops?

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 27 17:38:52 CET 2005


AFAIT the problem is, that both, your doepfer midi device and your patch
has a 'thru'-function. on the pd-side you can avoid this by using a [set
<float>(-msg, to set  the slider to certain value without sending the
value to [ctlout 7 1].
this may look like this:

[ctlin 7 1]
[set $1(
[hslider blablablabla]
[ctlout 7 1]

this works only if you can switch off the midi thru mode of the doepfer.
if this is not possible, the slider behaves quite nasty, because always
you move it, it is set to the value it had before. see attached patch to
solve this.


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Subject: [PD] how to prevent midi endless loops?

> hi
> maybe a quiet simple question.... i need to use a midiinterface
> pocket dial) to control slidervalues in pd (windows -- xp 0.37). the
> problem is that i also want to change the values using the sliders in
> patch and having this data being sent back to the controller so that
> are no jumps in value when switching from screen to hardware
controller and
> back...
> finally i built up a very simple t b f b and spigot combination to
> stackoverflows within pd. this works pretty fine as long as i don`t
> mididata to control the sliders... attached is a little patch that
> explain...
> any help needed...
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