[PD] Best PD-GEM Performance Computer ... + wiki

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Feb 28 12:50:53 CET 2005


We have to assemble one special PD/GEM Performance Computer and also I always 
got some questions about Computer best for PD performance. 

I Started a Wiki which discuss dedicated PD Computers (also embedded ones). If 
someone has made some special hardware and/or experiences, it would be nice 
it will be shown there... http://puredata.info/community/projects/pdcomputer/

My questions now: 

a) Quadro vs. geforce:  If I want display on multiple large screens, (is 
there) what is the benefits of NVIDIA quadro cards to geforce (eg. 6800 SLI) 
on signal quality rendering benefits. ?

Which feature are most important projecting on big screens ?

b) If I do 4 projections on a big screen so they are merged to one picture, 
must the video be displayed in frame sync (maybe using more than one 
computer) from the beamer/videocard view (not the video frames as 
content).  ?

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