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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 28 18:09:24 CET 2005

cyrille hat gesagt: // cyrille wrote:

> in fact it's :
> link LINK-ID MASS1-creation_number MASS2-creation_number  K D
> creation_number is 0 for the 1st mass, 1 for the next etc...

Ah, so I basically got that one right. ;)

> if you are familiar with modal synthesis, you'll understand the way is 
> is now.

You're always giving me ideas for new stuff to read. So little time
...  ;)

> >Am I right to assume that OUTLET is
> >numbered from 0 to max-outlet-number, where max-outlet-number is the
> >second argument of pmpd minus one?
> yes : [pmpd 3 4] will create an object with 3 inlet and 4 outlet.
> so you can create any number of "out" you wish, but they have to be 
> connected to the outlet 0 to 3. (4 outlet)
> >And then MASS-ID: Does it start
> >from 0 as well? Or from 1? Where do I get this ID from? 
> you have to choose the id you wish (i think negative id is only for mass 
> that should not move (fixed)).

Just to really get this into my head: If I use a mass-id of "2" in an
"out"-message like "out 1 0 2 0.3" , what will come out of the outlet

1) the position of a mass (or all masses) created with id==2 as in
"mass 2 m0 x0" or

2) the pos. of the mass created as the second mass in the system or

3) the pos. of the mass created as the third mass? 

> i did not make anythig new since 0.06, but new developement should
> be done befor this summer. so pmpd and pmpd~ will change, and i'm
> not sure compatibility will be a priority, so use this 2 object at
> your own risk.  (sorry, i'm not happy with the way they are now).

This is no problem. I'm actually just playing around with these
objects to get a feel for them, some cool sounds and maybe some ideas
for improvement. Thanks for providing them!

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