[PD] system call timed out/ in channels

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 1 00:32:15 CET 2005

pd at plakatif.net hat gesagt: // pd at plakatif.net wrote:
> ps.: another problem is that linux boosts up the built-in 
> laptop mic while booting. as a consequence one of the 
> speakers broke because of a heavy feedback. :-(
> how can i avoid this ?

This sounds as if you are using the OSS drivers, which are the older
drivers that were standard on Linux, but nowadays people use the ALSA
drivers instead - they are the standard on Kernel 2.6 and also work
well on 2.4 kernels. One obvious advantage of ALSA is, that every
channel is muted per default, so that the mic thing cannot happen
anymore. (Losing a mic is bad, but thrashing 3000 Euro speakers is
something entirely different.) 

Although Pd will work with the OSS drivers, it might be worth to
install and run the ALSA drivers. ALSA provides a OSS compatibility
mode (which is used by Pd as default even on ALSA systems btw.)

If you use ALSA, make sure you unmute the channels you like to play on
or record from using the "alsamixer" program.

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