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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 1 01:51:55 CET 2005

cyrille hat gesagt: // cyrille wrote:

> after a quick look at your patch :
> - i'll not say anymore that my patch are a mess :-)

There's a lot of cruft in it. Attached is the new version, slightly
more ordered. 

> - there is no fixed point.

Okay, I added this now: The first and last masses now are fixed as in
your example patch. This allows for models both fixed and free using
the matrix editor: The "border" of the editor is used to do
connections to "ground" now. 

> -there is no way to delete a link (ok, i add that to my todo list), so 
> you'll not be able to change the structure in real time.

Yes, this would be nice. I think, Thomas Grill's "dyn" external could
be a nice model for this, but I didn't think too deeply about this

> -it's a good idea, i don't know what your patch will do...

If you have seen the Csound scansynth tutorial you might get the idea
of what I'm trying: http://www.csounds.com/scanned/toot/

My matrix editor is modeled after the matrices used in Csoudn to
specify topologies. 

> -there are problems on the [pmpd] oject : in and out begin from 0, but 
> masses and link beggin from 1. what is the most logic things to do : 
> everything should beggin at 0 or 1?a

I think, in the attached patch I finally got the numbering right.
Tomorrow after sleep I will try to understand what exactly I did. ;)

I would suggest to use "programmer's numbering" starting from 0
throughout the whole system. Any personal preferences put aside: The
outlet/inlet numbering cannot be changed anymore, as it's starting
with 0 everywhere in Pd already, so people probably are used to it
already. The same with arrays/tables. 

So masses and links starting with 0 would feel natural and it would
also make programming easier (for example when using
[until]--[counter] loops. Which reminds me: I should have used
[repeat] more often.)

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