[PD] Best PD-GEM Performance Computer ... + wiki

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Tue Mar 1 14:40:36 CET 2005


> I recently designed and built a custom, PD-centered portable
> performance instrument / portable studio HDR/synthesis /
> effectsbox/nintendo emulator, re-configurable all-purpose media-center
> funbox.
> Can I make a page for it on your wiki?

Yes please, just login the puredata.org or puredata.info and edit the wiki.
I have put it in a new category in the FrontPage 

(If you dont have a login use the join botton left upper menu do join 

[other mail]
> I'm calling it the Karma Pod, because it's definitely and it runs on
> PlanetCCRMA.
> Can people post pictures on the wiki? I'd like for people to exchange
> design ideas and document the customized systems they are building.

have change the security settings so athenticated are allowd to do so.
I have made a images folder where you can place your fotoalbums and in there 
your pictures, which will be scaled on upload. just in 
https://puredata.org/community/projects/pdcomputer/images/ vie webinterface 
or webdavs://puredata.org/community/projects/pdcomputer/images/...

(there is a little help dealing with photos in the site but in germen, sombody 
translate it ? http://puredata.info/docs/sitedocs/how_to_photo just look at 
the code)

please if you have problems just mail me or I can do it for you.

mfg winfried

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