[PD] PD/Audio in redhat or suse

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Wed Mar 2 00:03:39 CET 2005

ix at replic.net wrote:
> afaik - Ubuntu takes a "snapshot" of debian-unstable every 6 months. only a few selected apps are updated more often (say Firefox, that sort of thing). whatever audio packages guenter and agnula ppl etc maintain for debian are praobably not on that short-list. plus, it does not have KDE..

It should be possible to access the debian SID repository from Ubuntu 
for certain applications, like PD and KDE. Then the main advantage of 
Ubuntu is probably its installation, which I hear is great (though I've 
personally had nothing but trouble).

The main gripe I hear about debian is its installation. It can be hairy, 
but I've personally never had a problem, and its new installer is even 
better at auto-detection.

Aside from that, the thing that bothers me about debian is the 
difficulty of making packages, as compared to, say, arch-linux. But it 
sounds like that's not going to be an issue for João.

...and another 2 cents.


> chances are, youre going to end up compiling from source anyways, to get a patch or newer version of something that youre interested in. gentoo is the easiest by far for this, since usually you dont even have to get a tarball as an ebuild proably already exists unless the release is 3 seconds old.. for slower machines, debian unstable does not require compiling thigns you dont WANT to compile, but still has lots of niceties like 'make-kpkg' to make things easier...i found it impossible to fix basic things on suse that werent configured right by the automated/GUI tools it included..
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