[pd] pd-0.38.4 and jack osx

retu arana retu at noos.fr
Wed Mar 2 07:48:05 CET 2005

Hello list, i am trying to compile the latest PD source with jack 
enable and i am running in different problem.
First once i fixed the tk link problem i had this answer:

../portmidi_osx/pmmacosx.o         ../portmidi_osx/pmutil.o         
../portmidi_osx/portmidi.o         ../portmidi_osx/ptdarwin.o  
s_audio_jack.o s_audio_jack.o  \
-ldl -lm -lpthread
ld: can't locate file for: -lrt
make: *** [../bin/pd] Error 1

then i locate the -lrt part off the makefile and "correct" in line 19 
=the -framework Jack by -Framework Jack and i get this answer:

osx/pmutil.o         ../portmidi_osx/portmidi.o         
../portmidi_osx/ptdarwin.o  s_audio_jack.o s_audio_jack.o  \
-ldl -lm -lpthread
cc: Jack: No such file or directory
make: *** [../bin/pd] Error 1

i have some other troubles with the compilation of pd by himself but i 
suppose i'll be running into it again once jack is done
thanks for helping

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