[PD] devel_0.38 pb loading externals?

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Thu Mar 3 02:48:51 CET 2005

Tim Blechmann wrote:
>>I was getting this error about a month ago, so look further back than
> and was it only with flext-based externals or will also with other ones?
> t

It was everything, which is why I threw up my hands in dismay, figured 
it was my problem, and retreated to stable_0_38. Everything means Zexy, 
miXed, xsample, PDP, PiDiP, cxc, and some others.

It may have something to do with my configuration. IIRC, I couldn't get 
bootstrap to work, but ran autoconf configure, make, make install. I'm 
not sure what the build system for devel looks like these days, so I may 
or may not have done it correctly. But it did build without errors.

Sorry I can't be more help.



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