[PD] devel_0.38 pb loading externals?

vincent rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Thu Mar 3 01:02:37 CET 2005

Thomas Grill wrote:

> Hi all,
> that could turn out to be one of the meanest bugs in pd history.

happy to know that my name will appear in some kind of relevant 
entomological history...  :-)

> Vincent, Ian, Ben, did you also "make install" your built pd, or just 
> run it from the bin folder?

i did use autoconf then make install for sure

> The thing is that with the preferred autoconf build method, the pd 
> binary resides in the _src_ folder after compilation.

strange isn't it?

> So, most probably, you linked your externals (flext-based, but also 
> others) against the new version (in src), but ran it with an old one 
> in bin. This produces the described error for me, too.

do you mean that "make install" does not install this fresh pd in 
/usr/local/bin ?
then is there a way to automatically install it in its expected place?

anyway thanks a lot thomas
this was a nice straight-bug-chase!


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