[PD] keyboard-interface (hid?)

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Thu Mar 3 15:58:34 CET 2005


Am Donnerstag 03 März 2005 16:48 schrieb Georg Holzmann:
> Hallo!
> > Unless you want to be an alpha tester for the [hid] object (which would
> > be much appreciated :), I would suggest using [linuxevent] for now.
> Of course I want to be an alpha-tester :) - but I tried it and it didn't
> work. If I press a key, it is detected, but not which key ...
> (I tried it with the hid version from your hp)
> I also tried [linuxevent] and there is the same problem.

hmm, even linuxevent doesnt report them ?
altough i know that it is a different object than the ev_dev i once wrote for 
jmax, i am pretty sure that at least with the event-interface you have to get 
the values.

for example, pressing the key "a" generates a event of type 1 (key event), 
with a id of 30 (thats the id for the key), and a 1 as event value 
(=pressed). if the auto-repeat snaps in, the event-value will become 2.
on release, it becomes 0 .... key "s" is id 31, btw, so the id's are more or 
less orientated by the physical arrangement of the keys, instead of the 
alphabet ....

there might be a trap with the event system you might be falling into ....
on newer kernels, the event system also outputs event of type "0", which i 
suppose is some kind of sync, or idle indication, i dont know.
maybe you are not filtering out the "0" event ...... if i dont do it here, i 
always see only that 0 event, because it is sent after each other event ...



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