[PD] parent-child relation with sliders

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Mar 3 17:31:37 CET 2005

Hi Wolfgang,

can you explain what part of this patch isn't working the way you want 
it to? It seems to function in the way you describe. Perhaps you are 
looking for a simplified version of the same thing?


wolfgang schwarzenbrunner wrote:
> At 16:16 03.03.2005, derek holzer wrote:
>> Hi Wolfgang,
>> can you send an example patch?
> basically something like that.. but i am shure it can be built a little 
> more elegant
>>  I'm having a hard time conceptualizing what you want them to do... it 
>> sounds like a simple issue of giving the child sliders the same 
>> "receive" value and the parent slider's "send". If this isn't what you 
>> want, then I have misunderstood.
>> derek
>> wolfgang schwarzenbrunner wrote:
>>> hi
>>> again maybe a simple question... i am trying to build up a 
>>> parent-child relationship between two or more sliders (for ex. 3 
>>> child sliders working independently. if i move the parent slider all 
>>> three change their values according to the parent slider, up from 
>>> there last values.) i am getting more and more confused and it just 
>>> wont work up....

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