[PD] parent-child relation with sliders

Peter Todd peter_todd82 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 18:14:27 CET 2005

Is this what you want?  I didn't look at your patch much, but it seemed to 
be buggy (reset the 'parent' to 0 when I moved a child).

AFAICT, my patch has the behaviour you want in a suitably simple form. 
Things do get frustrating when a simple function turns to spaghetti, don't 

>>>> hi
>>>> again maybe a simple question... i am trying to build up a parent-child 
>>>> relationship between two or more sliders (for ex. 3 child sliders 
>>>> working independently. if i move the parent slider all three change 
>>>> their values according to the parent slider, up from there last 
>>>> values.) i am getting more and more confused and it just wont work 
>>>> up....
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