[PD] how to do a http request from pd to a webserver and get the results

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Sat Mar 5 19:37:32 CET 2005

You could use one of the language externals, like Python or Ruby. Then 
you'd also have access to google libraries etc.

Or perhaps.... you could do something with [netreceive]. If you set up 
port 80 to be forwarded to it or something like that. I'm not too 
familiar with network stuff, so I can't be of more help.

Or.... maybe.... you could use something that writes to a textfile, 
which you can then access with anyone of a number of textfile reader 
externals. The textfile would be like a data pipe or buffer or whatever 
they call it.

Just a few ideas.


Marc Boon wrote:
> For the first part (sending the request) I could simply use [netsend],
> but how do I get the response from the server back into pd?
> [netreceive] is not appropiate here.
> I thought of using the [system] object calling wget, but than again, how 
> do I get wget's output back into pd?
> Ideas welcome!
> m at rc
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