[PD] how to do a http request from pd to a webserver and get the results

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 5 19:55:59 CET 2005


[netclient] from maxlib (
http://www.akustische-kunst.org/puredata/maxlib/ )works in both ways,
sending data to server and receive data from it.
i tried the same thing and it worked technically, but instead of getting
the index.html-file i always got a html-file with an error-msg like 'bad
i don't know much about the http-protocol, but it seems you have to send
a quite accurately 'formulated' request to get the data you want. may
you try to connect from your brwoser to [netserver] (also from maxlib)
in order to see how such a request-msg looks like.
i always failed, but you may will be luckier than me. if so, let me


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> For the first part (sending the request) I could simply use [netsend],
> but how do I get the response from the server back into pd?
> [netreceive] is not appropiate here.
> I thought of using the [system] object calling wget, but than again,
how do I
> get wget's output back into pd?
> Ideas welcome!
> m at rc
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