[PD] Segmented patch chords?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 6 03:03:37 CET 2005

On Sat, 5 Mar 2005, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> James Aldridge hat gesagt: // James Aldridge wrote:
> > More readable?  Hah.  That has to be some kind of crazy joke, good one 
> > Olaf.  ;)
> Whatever Olaf wrote (I didn't get his mail): Not having segmented
> patchcord forces the user to be clearer and more orgaized in the
> layout of the *objects* inside - which is most of what Max/Pd is
> about.

If the design of Pd is so concerned about the layout of the objects inside
it should have an option to set the max-width of an objectbox, messagebox,
or comment.

Plus, I already have explained several times why straight patch cords
don't cut it. I have hundreds of patchcords striking through objects
because I can't stand having to use hundreds of [s $0-hello] to circumvent
the problem.

That said, i sort of got used to have a crummy badlooking patch editor,
mostly because I had no other choice. I figured out that the other
advantages of Pd (over jMax) outweighted the inconvenients.

I'd rather not hear the "it's for your own good" argument unless it has
solid backing, and I don't recall reading any such thing.

> Anyway, having these as an option would be nice, but apart from imPd
> they haven't arrived yet.

They are not in IMPD. I only made something that renders them as
randomly-placed (within certain bounds) and made splines out of it. That
was 20 lines of code. It would have been a damn lot more to also get the
mouse working with them, add a patchcord menu, make them load and save,
send a patch to miller to make "regular pd" at least keep the segmentation
info while editing, etc...

The screenshots of IMPD are in


I dropped the project around last may because I had real work =) but I
never quite resumed it. impd_0_37 is a good demo of what it will be when
it grows up, but impd_0_37 as it is will stay that way forever, while a
modified copy of it will enter devel_0_38's body. I can't tell the exact
date when that will happen, because my fortune teller woke up at that
point. ;-)

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