[PD] Segmented patch chords?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Mar 6 10:28:56 CET 2005

Mathieu Bouchard hat gesagt: // Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Mar 2005, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> > James Aldridge hat gesagt: // James Aldridge wrote:
> > > More readable?  Hah.  That has to be some kind of crazy joke, good one 
> > > Olaf.  ;)
> > Whatever Olaf wrote (I didn't get his mail): Not having segmented
> > patchcord forces the user to be clearer and more orgaized in the
> > layout of the *objects* inside - which is most of what Max/Pd is
> > about.
> If the design of Pd is so concerned about the layout of the objects inside
> it should have an option to set the max-width of an objectbox, messagebox,
> or comment.
> Plus, I already have explained several times why straight patch cords
> don't cut it. I have hundreds of patchcords striking through objects
> because I can't stand having to use hundreds of [s $0-hello] to circumvent
> the problem.

Well, to each his own. As I wrote, personally I never felt the need to
use segments. 

Sidestory: two days ago I used the diagram editor "dia" to do some
ER-schemas for a database project. "dia" of course supports segmented
"patch cords", it's a real graphics program, so I used them as well,
because they look nicer and can carry different meanings if used in
conjunction with straight ones. 

(Apart from finding myself pressing Ctl-E constantly which just zooms
in in dia) I found myself fiddling around with every segmented line
*twice* as long as with the straight lines, because I also needed to
constantly move around the segment points of each line. 

With the straight lines in Pd, this kind of fiddling is not possible.
The only way to move the lines is to move the objects. That's why I
probably would stay with straight lines most of the time anyway. 

To me segmented patch cords are a useful tool in certain applications,
that is, maybe in demonstration patches for workshops, in printed
patches for books, in heavily "recursive" patches etc. But in the
daily patching business to me they are as useless as the automatic
file backups in Vim or Emacs.

But some finde these useful, too. No problem with that.

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