[PD] storing and recalling settings with textfile

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sun Mar 6 20:03:18 CET 2005

And here is a smaple-mapping system I built using [coll] as well:



derek holzer wrote:
> [textfile] is pretty clumsy to use. I'd investigate [pool] or [coll] if 
> I were you. Frank Barknecht has built up an amazing system for saving 
> presets call "memento". Search for that or "rradical pd" and you'll turn 
> it up.
> derek
> Max Neupert wrote:
>> hi list,
>> i guess this is a pretty common question but i did not come across it 
>> in the archives:
>> how to store and recall settings in pd? i tried using textfile to save 
>> the settings and read them again, but unfortunately it does not work 
>> (see attached patch).
>> could someone bring be on the right track to the solution?
>> thanks, max

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